Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Beginnings Of a Sharpie Mug

Sooo many confusing Pinterest posts about Sharpie mugs...do they work, not work? Spray it with this, use these markers...how is anyone to know? I will admit, I did try this myself about a year ago. Was all excited, ran out and bought Sharpies in every color, bought my mugs, decorated away. Fast forward...after baking and cooling everything just rubbed off =(  I was heart broken.
After investigated I found another Pin that suggested I had bought the WRONG Sharpies...but it was too late, I had already been emotionally scarred from my first failed attempt, lol.

Just recently I saw Mrs. Roxyfur on YouTube make herself an adorable Sharpie mug, and the spirit was reborn! I ran to my local art store, bought the Sharpie OIL BASED markers (VERY important), bought my mugs....and allowed the creativity to flow =) I read so many pins saying the Oil based Sharpies work, then some saying "Sharpies" don't work...but were they using the wrong Sharpies like me? Only way to know for sure was to try again to do it myself =)

I used a Die to cut the heart out of Label Paper and stick it on the cup.....AFTER I tried about 28 times to draw my own very lopsided sad looking heart, lol. NOW I will update you on the progress after I bake, run it through the dishwasher, and use it for one week. THEN I will upload pictures on the FINAL verdict on whether this works or not (Hint: So far so good). My HOPE is to be able to make some for my daughters teachers...personalize them and fill them with candy for Valentine's Day. However, before i give them as a GIFT I want to be dang sure nothing is going to flake off or fade away after 3 washes. Let the testing begin.....

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