Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Impress Nails

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before in my videos....goodness knows I mention it quite a bit in my day to day life....but I think I might have a mild obsession with my imPRESS nails! If you have not heard of them, they are press on manicures you can buy pretty much anywhere (I get mine at Walmart). After going through dozens of nail polish types in an effort to keep my nails from constantly chipping....I came across a video on YouTube of a girl talking about these imPRESS nails.

Now I had not heard of press on nails since back in the day where LEE press on's were the thing.......and we all know how great those were, lol. However....this girl was making them look pretty good.....so why not? I grabbed myself a pack the next time I was in Walmart, and never looked back! Many, MANY packs later...I am in love!

They come in these cute little plastic nail polish bottles, and an array of adorable and sophisticated designs. They are as easy as peel and stick....BUT if you are like me and use your nails as basically an extension of your fingers.....washing dishes, opening pop cans, and just generally abusing your nails all day long...I DO suggest giving them even MORE added strength by picking up a bottle of Broadway Jet Dry nail glue. Peel your sticky tab off the back of the nail, add a drop of glue to your real nail....apply the imPRESS nail, press and hold for a few seconds....and they are good as GOLD! I have worn mine for up to 2 weeks doing all kinds of things and they were flawless.

I also signed up for the Influenster Box (they send you free products to try from various companies and it's awesome) and was selected to receive a box last month. WELL....imagine my squeal of delight when I opened my box and saw not one....but 2 boxes of imPRESS nails!! It was like Christmas, lol. One of the packs was from the new Disney Villains line (picture below), which I had never heard of....but I assume it is tied to the new Maleficent movie. The color is gorgeous and I'm saving it for fall. The other one they sent me is the one I am wearing in the picture, but unfortunately there is no name on the box! It's gorgeous, and reminds me of fireworks...so I thought it's perfect for the upcoming July 1st (Canada Day). Anyway, enough raving....but if you haven't tried the imPRESS nails yet.....DO. They are fabulous and you won't regret it. Also, while you're at it....click the Influenster link up there and sign up to receive free box with great products. It's lots of fun, and a great opportunity to try out some things you may not of otherwise tried =)

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